Using the tool bar

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The tool bar has different tools that you can use to interact with the stage to build your game.


The Selection tool


If you want to move something in your level, you can use the selection tool. Click on the selection tool from the toolbar (the selection tool looks like a mouse cursor), then click on something in your level. Your selection should now have a border around it. Click and drag what you’ve selected, and move it to a different position.


You can also rotate the game object by clicking and dragging on the blue circle handle above the game object.

Brush tool


The brush tool places any selected game object onto the level.

Drag to fill


The drag to fill tool lets you draw a bunch of tiles all at once. Select this tool, then select a game object. Click and drag in the level to draw a rectangle, then the game object will be placed multiple times to fill up that rectangle.

Eraser tool


To switch to deleting things, click on the eraser tool from the toolbar. Now click on anything you want to delete.

Move tool


The move tool enables you to move around the stage by clicking and dragging to change your view of the level.

Properties tool


Using this tool is the same as right-clicking on objects on the stage – it brings up a menu for the object that you click on.


Using this menu you can add or edit the script for this object, remove its script, edit its instance properties, edit its animation, or delete it.