Publishing your game to share it with the world

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You’ve finished your game and you want to share it so anyone can play it. Before you can publish it, you’ll need to make sure your game is saved, and has a name and a summary.

First, save your game by clicking File, Save Game.


Then click on the Game Properties icon (the cog), and fill out the name and summary for your game.


Now you can click Publish from the menu bar.



Once your game is published, you can click on the link to it to see it on the Gamefroot website.




You can copy and paste your game link and share it with your friends, and you share it on Twitter. After you have published your game, it  will then appear on the Browse Games page. To share a specific game with people, click the share button underneath the game on the Gamefroot website.
From here you can also copy the game link and give it out to people, copy the embed link and paste it on your blog or on Facebook, like this game on Facebook, or post it to any social networking site.