Frequently Asked Questions

This page is out of date and will be updated soon. The Gamefroot Knowledgebase contains the most up to date information.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions from Gamefroot users broken into four useful categories.

How to use Gamefroot


Q: I tried using the browser to zoom in and out (using CTRL and +/- keyboard shortcuts)in the level editor and it made everything looked messed up. Can I zoom in and out with Gamefroot?

A: Yes. To zoom in and out, use the + and – buttons on the minimap. Using the browser to zoom in/out will cause Gamefroot to display incorrectly.


Q: How do you design a thumbnail for your game for display on the games page?

A: You need to open Level Properties, and upload a Promo Graphic. This will become your game thumbnail.


Q: Do you only have to publish the first level of a game or all of the levels?

A: You just need to publish your game. Its your responsibility to link levels together in order for others to play.


Q: How do you view all the user created  games that have been published?

A: Visit to see everyone’s published games.

Q: Can characters have different weapons like swords and bow and arrows?

A: Yes, but these weapons need to have a projectile (bullet). Go here for more info:


Q: Can you change the player speed?

A: coming soon


Q: Can I use music in my games?

A: Yes! At the moment you can upload larger mp3 files, but it takes a long time to upload, and it will also mean anyone who plays your game has to wait longer to download that music. The music for a game needs to be set in the Level Properties window. To set level music, click File > Level Properties > Environment, then scroll down and choose the music from the drop down list.


Q: The music in my game isn’t playing! How do I fix it?

A: If you set it to “No Music” (it’s like that by default) then even having a script set the music won’t work because the level property is overriding it. To set level music, click File > Level Properties > Environment, then scroll down and choose the music from the drop down list.


Q: How do I change my user profile picture/avatar on Gamefroot?

A: Gamefroot uses a service called Gravatar to display profile pictures. Please visit and create a Gravatar account with the same email address you registered at Gamefroot. It’s really easy, and it lets you choose your own image to use as a profile picture.


Q: Can I edit a game after it’s been published on

A: To edit any of your games (drafts and published) please click File (top left of the screen) and then click Load level. All of your games will be there in that list.


Q: I thought I saved my level, but some of it has disappeared! Can I get it back?

A: When you save your level please make sure you have a stable internet connection. If the browser is closed before the save has completed, or if there is a brief interruption in your internet connection then you will lose data. The best way to make sure your levels are safe is to save them often as you are working on them.


Q: I don’t want people to see my game anymore! Can I delete my game?

A: At the moment there is no way for you to delete your games, but you can revert them back to draft mode so they won’t appear on the Gamefroot website and no one will be able to access them. Read more here:


Q: Can I share my game assets with other Gamefroot users?

A: Yep, that’s what the Gamefroot Marketplace is for. To add a pack to the Marketplace, open My Resources, click on the pack, and in the top-right of the pack view window click on the “Add to Marketplace” button. At the moment we only allow you to give packs away for free, but soon you will be able to set a price and make money off them.


Q: If people remix my game, can they get all the assets that were used in it?

A: Yes they can. If you would prefer this not to happen, you need to tick “Disable Remixing on this game” when you publish the game. This option is only available to users that have purchased a Pro subscription.


Q: Why can’t I remix that game I like?

A: Some games have remixing disabled by the author. They don’t want you discovering their secrets or using their assets! You can disable remixing by purchasing a Pro subscription.


Q: What game engine does Gamefroot use?

A: The old game engine was based on Flixel (Flash), but now we use Kiwi.JS to power our games. Kiwi.js is a mobile first HTML5 and Javascript game engine supporting both Canvas and WebGL rendering. Learn more about it here:


Q: Can I make enemies kill the player character?

A: Yes, you can make enemies kill the player. You can find the settings for this by right-clicking on an enemy character when you are building your level. Read this for more information:


Q: How do I make NPCs become friendly?

A: NPCs will behave as enemies by default, but you can fake it so they don’t try to kill the player. You will need to change the enemy’s properties so that it doesn’t shoot, and so that it has a lot of health (so you don’t kill them accidentally):


Q: How do I apply a script to an item?

A: Read this brief guide to using Gamefroot scripts:


Q: How do I create a conversation in my game?

A: To make a conversation, you need a story point item:


Q: How do I change the Player Character?

A: Read this to set a character as the Player Character:


Q: Is there a way I can earn credits?

A: At the moment you can only earn credits by buying them through the Marketplace.


Q: Is it possible to use Gamefroot in another language?

A: Currently Gamefroot is available in English only. We have almost finished Spanish translations, and if you are willing to help translate Gamefroot into other languages, then please let us know on this page:


Q: How do I host my game on my blog or website?

A: Easy! Just grab the embed code from under your published game. Read how:

Creating Custom Content


Q: How do I change the starting screen?

A: You can make your own start screen:

Q: How do I create custom terrain, items, and characters?

A: These articles explain everything:


Q: Can I draw my own characters?

A: Yes! Read this:


Q: What program should I use to make game artwork in?

A: Photoshop would be the best bet. You can get a 30 day free trial here:

You can also try Pixlr. It’s like Photoshop, but it’s free and hosted online (so you don’t need to download anything)


Q: How do I add my own backgrounds to my games?

A: Follow these easy steps:
Q: What is the Wiring layer?

A: Clicking the eye icon for the Wiring layer will hide or show the moving tile and switch lines that show which tile switches are connected to, and where moving tiles move to. It makes it easier to see what’s in your level.



Q: I tried uploading a sprite sheet for a topdown character, but it didn’t upload! What did I do wrong?

A:  Make sure the sprite sheet dimensions are correct for topdown mode, and make sure you are editing a topdown level while trying to upload a topdown character sprite sheet.  The size of the sprite sheet image needs to be 1200 pixels wide x 234 pixels high, and the different parts of his animation need to be laid out in a certain way (please see the images attached).

insert image of topdown sprite

Read this for more information:



Using Scripts


Q: How does the advanced editor work in regards to tokens? Example: I want to pick up a key or something and have that unlock a door or a secret area. How would I do that?

A: To make a scripted item that activates another scripted item in your game, you need to use the “Send message [ ] to all objects” block.
This block sends a message to all advanced items in the level, and the items that have a receiver for the message will be activated when they receive the message.


Q: Can we save data between gameplay sessions (like remembering save points, keeping inventory updated, remembering enemies that have been killed, etc)?

A: At the moment there is no way to do this, but it is something we’d like to implement after adding multiplayer capabilities.



Q: Is it possible to stop items from disappearing once touched?

A: Yes it is possible to have an item stick around after it has given it’s effect, but you need to create and attach a script to the item to do that. Here’s some useful guides for doing that:……


Q: Is there a way to link events to enemies, e.g. you defeat a boss enemy and a platform is activated?

A: Yes, you’ll want to do something like the example below.


Q: Is there a way to make items sense enemies so that do not activate until the enemy is dead?

A: The is a block in the Script Editor that detects how many NPCs (enemies) are in an area. Here’s an example game:


Feel free to remix that game and check out the crate items’ advanced behaviors. If you are new to making items with advanced behaviors, please check out these guides:

The specific command that checks for enemies in an area can be found under the Sensing tab of the advanced behaviors editor, and it is “Number of NPCs in area from ( ) to ( )”. Here’s a screenshot of the script for both crates in that game.




Q: Can I make items play a sound effect when they are touched by the player?

A: Yes, you can give an item a sound effect by attaching a script to it.


Q: Is there a way to make the score start at say 20000 and drop until you finish the level (to rank the players ability)?

A: Under the Control tab in the advanced behavior editor there are a few blocks and tokens that can alter the score. Combining some of them with math tokens from the Operators tab will achieve what you are after.


Q: Can I ask multiple choice questions in my games?

A: Yes! You need to create a script that looks like this:

Here is a demonstration game that asks questions with multiple choice answers:


Q: I wanna make a spring for the player to bounce off. Can you teach me?

A: I’ve attached an image of the script that I used to make a spring. My spring doesn’t push you very high though, so you could increase the speed or time delay.




Mobile Games


Q: Can I sell my games on Apple’s App Store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play for Android devices?

A: We are partnering with Ludei using their service CocoonJS to deliver your HTML5 games to the App Store, Google Play, and other mobile devices. Check them out at

We will let you know when we are ready to offer this service, but in the mean time we are still working on it.


Q: If I make a game with Gamefroot can I publish it to mobile later if I buy Pro?

A: Yes, all the games from your free account will be available when you upgrade.