Workshop: Create an adventure game!

To start with, we’ll guide the students through creating a Gamefroot account and getting set up to start making a game. We’ll then show them how to build a world, beginning with getting familiar with the layout of the Gamefroot Level Editor, and using the tools to lay out terrain to create explorable areas.

Then we’ll move on to add characters to our game. We’ll find a character to set as the Player character, and also place non-playable characters into our game. We’ll also cover adding interactive items to our game, and we’ll explore the various kinds of functionality these items can add, such as teleporting, displaying messages, changing the player’s health, etc. After we’ve got a bunch of items in our game, we will preview it and test it out.

Once we’ve covered the basics of building a game, we can explore what makes a game enjoyable. We’ll go through the 5 rules of Level Design, and determine how we can apply them to each student’s game. By opening up the Marketplace and grabbing a bunch of free game assets, we’ll create a unique visual style in our games. We’ll ensure that each game has constrained areas of exploration so that the player doesn’t get lost or confused. Through the addition of in-game dialog, we’ll develop a narrative in our games. And by ensuring that the player always has something to interact with, we’ll keep our games from becoming boring.

To wrap up this workshop, students can publish their games to and play each other’s games.


  1. Hi,

    I am based in Wellington and I want to know when Gamefroot will conduct the next workshop.
    Also want to know whether Gamefroot provides any certificate or acknowledgement after the student undertakes any workshop or course.


  2. Hello,

    I am just starting to provide and publish simple games [search up ZcraCyEgyption], but have never made any games where I do the coding so I want a more simpler, easier way to learn how,like a video maybe.

    If you get this message please reply as soon as possible 🙂

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