Workshop: Build a game with your own digital art

We’ll begin with a brief introduction to making games with Gamefroot, and then we’ll cover what art assets are required to build a game. We’ll do a bit of researching to find game art that we can use as inspiration. Then we’ll open up our image editing software, and draw some concepts for our game world and game characters. We’ll guide students through the basics of using image editing software to create art from existing images, and to create their own unique artwork by drawing using the applications tools.

We’ll download some pre-drawn template assets, then we can place our own terrain, items, and characters over the top of the template images. Then we can upload our game art assets to Gamefroot, and start building our game with the artwork we’ve made. By sharing our artwork for free on the Gamefroot Marketplace, we can use each other’s artwork to create collaborative game worlds.

*This workshop requires the students have access to Photoshop, or other image editing software. There are free online tools that can provide the basics, such as