Gamefroot Game Creator 2.1 Beta!

We’ve been working on a new and improved version of Gamefroot for the past few months, and it’s finally ready to unveil. Gamefroot 2.1 is a quite a change from the older version of Gamefroot.


This new version boasts a brand new HTML5 game engine, a new visual coding editor powered by Google Blockly, and an improved user interface. We’ve taken the emphasis away from forcing our users to make platform games – now you can make any kind of game you want, as long as you create or choose the assets and scripts you need. Gamefroot is now a blank slate, awaiting your command.

New features include:

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Gamefroot Game Creator 1.19 Release Notes


Here’s another handy Gamefroot Update. We’ve released a bunch of Gamefroot features and fixes! Go to the level editor →

The most recent changes to Gamefroot in version 1.19 are:

  • Features:
    • Added the item variables popup for changing script variables on an item
    • Added the ability to drag to resize hitboxes in animation editor
    • Added the ability for users to send us a bug report from Help drop down
  • Fixes:
    • Reduced size of JavaScript files loading into level editor
    • Menu editor can now be accessed again

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Gamefroot Game Creator 1.1.3 Release Notes

Note: this tutorial is out of date. Here’s an updated one:



Animations in Gamefroot! Plus some snazzy UI upgrades. Try out our new Animation Editor (Beta)! 

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