Let’s Make a Game: Snake

Note: this tutorial is out of date. You can use concepts from this tutorial, plus updated ones listed below:



The classic game “Snake” is fun because of it’s simplicity and replayability. You start out as a small snake made up of one or two blocks, and you grow longer each time you eat something. You have to avoid colliding with yourself, which becomes progressively harder as your tail grows longer. The entire game only contains a few elements, but you can play it over and over – that makes it a perfect candidate for a “Let’s Make a Game” Tutorial!

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Big Items = Better Games

Gamefroot allows you to use items of any size in your games, so let’s take a quick look at how you can make a game better with big items. Bigger is better!

By default Gamefroot already has a few larger items in the items palette. To make sure items don’t get picked up when the player touches them, place them on the BG items layer.

core2 core3

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Animations in Gamefroot (Beta)



The latest Gamefroot Update allows you to create animations to use in your games. Check out this post to learn how to use it.

Please note that this is brand new functionality, so it is still in Beta and there are a few things that won’t yet work as expected.

Here is a list of known issues:

  • Onion skinning doesn’t work
  • Cannot set time duration for frames
  • Animated item will only display the idle sequence in game
  • Animated items without a sequence named “idle” will not play
  • Image size limitation of 1024 x 1024
  • Animations with lots of frames and large dimensions will not work in game

Please leave a comment below if you have found another bug.

Thanks guys!

– The Gamefroot Team