Gamefroot Game Creator 1.19 Release Notes


Here’s another handy Gamefroot Update. We’ve released a bunch of Gamefroot features and fixes! Go to the level editor →

The most recent changes to Gamefroot in version 1.19 are:

  • Features:
    • Added the item variables popup for changing script variables on an item
    • Added the ability to drag to resize hitboxes in animation editor
    • Added the ability for users to send us a bug report from Help drop down
  • Fixes:
    • Reduced size of JavaScript files loading into level editor
    • Menu editor can now be accessed again

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Let’s Make a Game: Snake

Note: this tutorial is out of date. You can use concepts from this tutorial, plus updated ones listed below:



The classic game “Snake” is fun because of it’s simplicity and replayability. You start out as a small snake made up of one or two blocks, and you grow longer each time you eat something. You have to avoid colliding with yourself, which becomes progressively harder as your tail grows longer. The entire game only contains a few elements, but you can play it over and over – that makes it a perfect candidate for a “Let’s Make a Game” Tutorial!

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Prepping for Launch

The bar is stocked, the balloons ordered and the DJ is hired. But back at Gamefroot Central in Wellington, NZ the Gf crew is still cranking through the final details before takeoff.  Vlad,  Jesse and Abi are going through each of the games one last time and you can frequently hear someone in the office suddenly jumping out of their chair to yell “booya!” or muttering words we’d better not publish here.

Brett and Brian are still fine tuning the website and the game creator itself.  They’re funny in how different they see programming, so we often hear them debating development in the office.

Dave is our go to graphics guy and he’s been helping everyone with everything, whether its creating a game monster, working up graphics for the website or grabbing screenshots.

To say things are buzzing in the office is an understatement – and it seems everyday we have new reporters in to interview Dan, or an office of kids testing games or the creator. We’re psyched that Tuesday is launch