Let’s Make a Game: Snake

Note: this tutorial is out of date. You can use concepts from this tutorial, plus updated ones listed below:



The classic game “Snake” is fun because of it’s simplicity and replayability. You start out as a small snake made up of one or two blocks, and you grow longer each time you eat something. You have to avoid colliding with yourself, which becomes progressively harder as your tail grows longer.┬áThe entire game only contains a few elements, but you can play it over and over – that makes it a perfect candidate for a “Let’s Make a Game” Tutorial!

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Let’s get Advanced – Make a Spring

Note: this tutorial is out of date. You can use the concepts from this tutorial combined with the up-to-date tutorials listed below:


You can make some really cool things in Gamefroot’s Advanced Behavior Editor, and there are a few core blocks that you can use over and over again to make interesting things happen. Today we will focus on using message blocks to trigger other blocks.


You can use message blocks to send specific messages that activate other behavior blocks, and you can set time delays on these messages. (These kinds of messages are different to in-game messages – they only send messages to other behaviors and these messages are not shown to the player in-game.)

In this tutorial we are going to use the power of timed messages to make a spring that launches the player into the air.

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