Script your Characters to bring them to life!

Note: an updated version of this tutorial is here–P9NrO9zk


Gamefroot has always had built-in character behaviours so that anyone can quickly and easily make a platform game – but this can turn out to be very limiting if you’re not making a platformer. So in the latest version of Gamefroot, we’ve made it so that all game objects (including characters) start out with no built-in behaviours. This requires a script to be attached to them bring them to life, which will hopefully encourage you to try out the script editor and see what you can code – it really is a lot of fun! (Learn more about using the Script Editor here.)

If you’d prefer to just place some terrain and characters in your game and be able to play that straight away, here’s an easy solution for you.

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Getting new assets from the Marketplace

Note: an updated version of this tutorial is here


Every game has to have assets! These are the images, animations, characters, terrain, items, buttons, sound effects, music, and scripts that are used to build your game. You can create your own assets, or you can grab an asset pack from the Marketplace. Most of them are free, and they can be used to quickly make a game. Here’s how:

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Big Items = Better Games

Gamefroot allows you to use items of any size in your games, so let’s take a quick look at how you can make a game better with big items. Bigger is better!

By default Gamefroot already has a few larger items in the items palette. To make sure items don’t get picked up when the player touches them, place them on the BG items layer.

core2 core3

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Gamefroot Game Creator 1.1.3 Release Notes

Note: this tutorial is out of date. Here’s an updated one:



Animations in Gamefroot! Plus some snazzy UI upgrades. Try out our new Animation Editor (Beta)! 

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The Lens of Essential Experience

One of the things we constantly think about here at Gamefroot HQ is how to make good games. No not just good games but awesome games. When you’ve got a game creation tool as easy to use as Gamefroot there can be no excuse for making good games… you should be making awesome games!!

To help us make games our own games we have started to embrace “The Art of Game Design” toolkit; a set of rules / game mechanics that are easy enough for anybody to understand and apply to their game. There are 100 lens for us to learn and we’ll be posting a new one every couple of days. When we post a lens please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

1 – The Lens of Essential Experience

To use this lens, stop thinking about your game, and start thinking about the experience of the user. Ask yourself these questions:

– What experience do I want the player to have?

– What is essential to that experience?

– How can my game capture that experience?