New Gamefroot Replacing Old Gamefroot

We’re really excited by how well the new version of Gamefroot has been received. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be ensuring all your games from the old Gamefroot are accessible in the new Gamefroot editor at Once this process is complete, we’ll be taking down the old Gamefroot so that we can focus on maintaining a single game making environment. With that focus, we can continue to make Gamefroot more powerful and easy to use.

The old Gamefroot was designed to create Flash games, but the new Gamefroot creates HTML5 / Javascript games, which means your games will run not just in your web browser, but also on modern devices such as your Android or iPhone. Old technologies become obsolete – such is the way of Flash, and the Flash games era has been rapidly drawing to a close. We realised HTML5 was going to be the future of the web, and now that future has become a reality (even Youtube has stopped displaying videos in Flash, and now uses HTML5 video).

We hope you continue to enjoy using Gamefroot. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please send us a message here with your questions or comments.

The Gamefroot Team

Gamefroot Game Creator 2.1 Beta!

We’ve been working on a new and improved version of Gamefroot for the past few months, and it’s finally ready to unveil. Gamefroot 2.1 is a quite a change from the older version of Gamefroot.


This new version boasts a brand new HTML5 game engine, a new visual coding editor powered by Google Blockly, and an improved user interface. We’ve taken the emphasis away from forcing our users to make platform games – now you can make any kind of game you want, as long as you create or choose the assets and scripts you need. Gamefroot is now a blank slate, awaiting your command.

New features include:

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Gamefroot Game Creator 1.19 Release Notes


Here’s another handy Gamefroot Update. We’ve released a bunch of Gamefroot features and fixes! Go to the level editor →

The most recent changes to Gamefroot in version 1.19 are:

  • Features:
    • Added the item variables popup for changing script variables on an item
    • Added the ability to drag to resize hitboxes in animation editor
    • Added the ability for users to send us a bug report from Help drop down
  • Fixes:
    • Reduced size of JavaScript files loading into level editor
    • Menu editor can now be accessed again

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