Gamefroot Update on Saving

Gamefroot now saves a backup of your game to your local computer. So if your internet connection goes down, your game stays up and you don’t lose any of your precious work.

In previous versions of Gamefroot it was possible to lose changes if you saved your game when there was no internet connection – or even an internet glitch. This was a rare problem but rare isn’t impossible. Therefore it has been very important for us to fix this issue. We don’t want people to lose their work. Ever!  

Now if something happens to your game you should always be able to access a copy on your computer. You can access these files by clicking on File > Open Game > Save History, like so:

As time permits we will continue to make this process even more streamlined. The ultimate solution is the one that runs automatically and never fails. While we’re working on making this happen these improvements will ensure that you’re in safe hands.

Enjoy Gamefroot!


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