Gamefroot Game Creator 1.19 Release Notes


Here’s another handy Gamefroot Update. We’ve released a bunch of Gamefroot features and fixes! Go to the level editor →

The most recent changes to Gamefroot in version 1.19 are:

  • Features:
    • Added the item variables popup for changing script variables on an item
    • Added the ability to drag to resize hitboxes in animation editor
    • Added the ability for users to send us a bug report from Help drop down
  • Fixes:
    • Reduced size of JavaScript files loading into level editor
    • Menu editor can now be accessed again

The item variables popup is a fast and easy way to change the properties of items with scripts, such as story points, teleporters, and any other scripts with custom variables. You can use it to change the message in a story point, change the location of a teleporter, and create different variations on your own scripts that use custom variables.

To edit the variables on an item, simply click on the coloured script icon in the corner of the item on your level…


All of the properties that you can adjust are displayed in this popover, with the name of the variable to the left, and the changes you can make to the right.


Now you can drag to resize hitboxes in the animation editor! Open up your animation, click the Show Hitboxes button, and then resize the hitboxes by dragging on the bottom-right corner of the hitbox, and drag the middle of them to move them around.



Something going wrong with Gamefroot? Tell us about it by reporting the bug by clicking Help, then selecting Report a Bug



And there’s even more! We’re constantly improving Gamefroot. Go check it out in the level editor →

Give us your feedback by posting comments below, or hit us up on TwitterFacebook, and the support page – Your ideas could make it into the next version of the Gamefroot Game Creator!

Have fun!

– The Gamefroot Team



  1. Every time I start making a level then exit and want to work on it again later it never loads =(

    Just stays in the loading thing

    • Hey Dreadnought, does this happen on all your levels, or just some of them? Could you let us know the names of your levels? Hopefully we can sort this out for you.

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