Gamefroot Game Creator 1.17 Release Notes


Gamefroot got an update earlier this week. Check out the new Gamefroot features and fixes! Go to the level editor →

The most recent changes to Gamefroot in version 1.17 are:

  • Features:
    • Character Creator window design updated
    • Cursor displays loading animation while the editor is loading
    • Display the properties of the placed object in the properties panel
    • Eraser and move tool show highlight area on grid
    • Selection box is displayed when an object is placed on the stage
    • Added the ability to disable remixing on your game (Pro subscription is required – coming soon!)


  • Fixes:
    • Fixed various errors with tools
    • Fixed DeviantART connections
    • Fixed the Instance selector not displaying in the Script Editor


Give us your feedback by posting comments below, or hit us up on TwitterFacebook, and the support page – Your ideas could make it into the next version of the Gamefroot Game Creator!

Have fun!

– The Gamefroot Team


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