What is terrain?

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Terrain makes up the environment that the player moves around in, for example: ground, trees, rocks, water, spikes, etc. You can place game objects in a terrain layer if you’d like them to become terrain. All game objects in the terrain layer are resized and arranged in the tile map, and those game objects become solid and immovable. If you can see a grid, then you have the terrain/tile map layer selected.


To place game objects as terrain, first select a game object, and then select the Terrain/tile map layer by clicking on it. Click on the level to place the object, or click and drag to draw multiple objects at once.

Note: if you select the terrain/tile map layer first, and then select the game object afterwards, a regular layer will be automatically selected instead of the terrain/time map layer. If you wish to disable this, click View from the menu bar, and untick Smart Layers.

You can also use a terrain brush to draw terrain. If you choose a terrain brush then the tiles will arrange together to make natural looking shapes.