How to draw your own game objects

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To create your own images, you need some understanding of how to use image editing software such as Paint, Photoshop or Pixlr.

You can create and upload your own game objects to fill your game world with.  Your game objects can be used as characters, terrain tiles, buildings, props, interactive items, or whatever you wish. All you need to do is create or edit an image, and then upload it to Gamefroot. Game objects must be uploaded as PNG or GIF or JPG image files.

Designing objects

Think about the purpose of the object. Is this an item? Will it be an obstacle? How will it fit into your game? Consider the visual style of your game. Draw up your concepts, and test them out with your other game objects to make sure they don’t clash or look weird. When I draw things, I often work at 400 percent of the actual size – that way I can work on the details, and then shrink the artwork down to its proper size and make any tweaks that are needed.

If you are working on pixel art, you can do the opposite – work small and upscale it for the final version.

Once you are happy with your artwork, save it as either PNG or GIF or JPG image files (PNG files have transparency).

Uploading and testing your own tiles

Open the Asset Manager, select one of your packs (or create a new one), and choose Add New Asset. Choose Game Object, and then find the image to upload.

Play your game to see what your new game objects look like in your game. If you are unhappy with them, go back into your image editor and tweak them until it looks right.

Now you can make games entirely out of your own artwork! Happy game making.