Create a new asset pack for uploading assets

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You can create new asset packs to upload assets into, such as images, animations, and audio.

1. Create a new pack

To do this, open the Asset Manager by clicking ASSETS in the top-right corner. Then click NEW PACK in the bottom-left corner.


Give your new pack a name, and then click CREATE.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.19.59 pm

To select your pack, click on it in the assets sidebar on the left. Ticking it makes all the assets inside it usable in your game.



2. Upload your assets

Click ADD NEW ASSET to upload an asset. You can choose to upload:

  • Game Object lets you upload single images: PNG or JPG or GIF
  • Animated Game Object
    • Animation Editor lets you upload multiple images that are played as an animation sequence: PNGs or GIFs
    • ZIP file lets you upload animations as ZIP files. The ZIP must have one folder named “idle” and the ZIP’s file structure must follow: *<sequenceName>\<sequenceName>_<number>.png (like the image below)

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.43.02 pm

  • Sound/Audio lets you upload music and sound effects: mp3
  • Characters
    • Animation Editor lets you create a character animation by uploading images into sequences: PNGs or GIFs
    • Character Creator lets you create your own character from existing character parts (no uploading required)

Once you’ve uploaded your assets, they will appear in the Game Objects sidebar (except for sound/music). Click ASSETS to close the Asset Manager, and now you can see your new assets available to use in your game.