Feature Tour

Gamefroot makes it easy for absolutely anyone to

  • Make instantly playable games online and on iPhone
  • Play games you’ve made or that others have made
  • Share your creations and favorite games with the world

How? It’s Easy.

Add Some Landscaping

Use terrain tiles to add areas for characters to walk on or walk by. Create structures for them to climb up, trees for them to climb on or buildings to walk in and out of. You can even upload your own.

Add Interactive Items

Now go to our item menu and add some things for your players to work with. Boxes, keys, flowers, hearts… some items have some secret sauce cooked in already (like the hearts, which add life), some are up to your imagination! You can create your own to upload as well.

Make Your Stuff … DO STUFF

Use the tools menu to make terrain slide across the screen. Use the modify tool to make your interactive items add life, take away health, award points, give weapons or read a message to the player.

For beginners, add simple behaviors. If you’re ready to get crazy, try our advanced editor. Its only limits are your imagination.

Build Characters

Now add some players… build them using our character creator, then create your own parts and pieces. Make players, but then, make villians and enemies!

Add Finishing Touches & Get Playing!

Add music if you’d like, you can even add your own (as long as its your own original tune), add a background to make your game truly unique then slam the “Preview” bar and you’re on your way!