Gamefroot for Education

Code is the language that stands between humans and machines and it is increasingly becoming the most important second language you can learn. Gamefroot is a powerful tool that helps teachers teach programming code in an interactive and fun way.

The platform is easily incorporated into lessons to allow students to learn the basics of code while having fun. By using Gamefroot, teachers can also develop, test and publish educational games and make them accessible to their colleagues.

It’s about the 011000110110111101100100011001010000110100001010

Code. Code is often seen as a garbled mess of colons, slashes and strings of zeroes and ones. Gamefroot’s user friendly drop and drag focussed graphical user interface (powered by Google Blockly) makes building games and getting into coding incredibly easy. By being able to manipulate things visually and see how that changes the underlying code, anyone from a primary school student can see how it works and teachers can easily look under the hood to see if students games are well-programmed.

That is logical, Captain

Beyond coding, there are also other elements to building a good game. Students need to be able to solve logic problems. What happens if your character keeps dropping through the ground? You’ve got to drop into the code and see where the problem is. Teachers can set challenges for students to debug games and solve logic problems in the code.

Tell Me a Story

Storytelling is an essential part of building a good game. Gamefroot also allows students to tell interactive stories — it’s much more fun to be able to make and play a game than it is to write it down. Just like writing a story, a game needs to have a beginning a middle and an end, a plot, characters, and a grasp of language.

Most of all, Gamefroot is fun

Two out of three New Zealand children play computer games — and globally the number of young people playing games is huge — yet our digital literacy is well behind. Gamefroot offers a fun way to combine students desire to have fun and play games with their innate curiosity and desire to learn. Gamefroot literally gives them a blank canvas to make games which only their imaginations are capable of yet still learn while doing it. Awesome!


Gamefroot Teacher Training

Gamefoot can run workshops with teachers on how to use Gamefroot in education and incorporate our NCEA lesson plans into your classes.
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Gamefroot Game Maker Workshops

Gamefroot can run game maker workshops for students. Using our game creation platform we can provide a fun an interactive experience for students. Currently only offered in New Zealand.
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Resources and Curriculum

Teachers can read more about about our NCEA units that use Gamefroot here. These can specifically be used in New Zealand or as a lesson plan for teachers in other countries. We also have a bunch of helpful tutorial resources you can use to guide your students through using Gamefroot to make games – grab the tutorials from here.


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