Use these characters in your Top-Down Games

Note: to use these character images, you will need to cut the sprites out of the sprite sheet (you can use this, and follow this tutorial:

Our new Top-Down game mode doesn’t yet have the variety of characters that platformer mode has, so here are a couple of sprite sheets to get you started!

To upload these characters into your games, first download the sprite sheets by right-clicking on them and selecting “Save image as”.

Then fire up the new Gamefroot Level Editor and set your game to Top-Down mode by clicking File > New Level > Top-Down Level. Then open the Asset Manager. Click the asset pack called “My Assets”, click “Create New Assets” and select Characters. Then click “Upload your own”, and find the location where you saved the character sprite sheets.

Feel free to modify these as you wish.



  1. When I upload my sprite sheet, it keeps saying that it needs to be a PNG, even though it already is! How can I fix this?

  2. Hey, thanks for these!
    They’re really nice for reference On how to make sprites and really good for placeholders in my test builds.

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