Gamefroot 3.0 “Lori”


After many months of work Gamefroot 3.0, named “Lori” in honor of legendary Sierra game designer and writer of the Quest for Glory Series of games Lori Cole, is now ready for you to use.

To sum things up, in this release we’ve focused on improvements for making Gamefroot faster and more reliable. Here are the main benefits for you:

Level Editor
We’ve rebuilt the game editor from the ground up. It is bucket loads faster and more robust. We’ve implemented an infinite canvas meaning you can create games any size without it affecting the speed and performance of Gamefroot.

New Layers Panel
We’ve made the layers panel into a floating box so that you can move it around the stage and see more of your game during your game building process.

You can see inside layers to select, rearrange, and rename individual objects in your game. When you have an individual object selected you can use the snap to button to take you to that object in your game world – this is particularly handy for navigating around big games.

When you toggle the visibility of an object they are now completely invisible. In previous versions of Gamefroot hidden objects were 50% transparent which could look confusing.

Powered up and simplified Tools
Tools now operate on any layer.

Selection tool
The selection tool has been refined. The top handle rotates objects and has some nifty precision features build in:

Hold SHIFT to rotate by 45 degrees
Hold ALT or OPTION to rotate by 22.5 degrees
Hold both SHIFT and ALT/OPTION to rotate by 1 degree

Side and corner handles scale objects:
Hold ALT or OPTION to limit scale to whole numbers
Hold SHIT to scale proportionally

Nudge objects up, down, left, right with arrow keys.
Hold SHIFT to move faster.
Hold both SHIFT and ALT/OPTION to move even faster!

Rotate objects with arrow keys. Hold ALT/OPTION and press LEFT or RIGHT.

Brush tool
Painting and drawing on the canvas is largely the same. In future versions of Gamefroot we’ll be adding more brushes and

Erasing Objects
The eraser tool is locked to the current layer. You can delete objects by pressing DELETE or BACKSPACE while they are selected, or use the right-click context menu.

Pan tool
Pan is easier than ever. Hold MIDDLE MOUSE and move around or hold SPACEBAR down and click and drag.

Keyboard shortcuts for tools are
M – for selection / move
B – for brush
E – for eraser
HOLD SPACE – for pan

New Mini Map with zoom
As part of the rebuild we made the minimap better and moved it to the bottom left corner.

You can now zoom in and out with the + and – buttons on the minimap to see your game in super detail. Click the zoom number (between the + and – buttons) to reset your screen to the default 100% scale.

Game Preview redesign
The game preview screen has been redesigned. When you hit PLAY, your game will open in a floating window. Just click CLOSE when you’re done previewing your game.

Enhanced Tutorials area (formerly Resources)

This is where we put out Hour of Code-style resources. We’re a big fan of that style of learning.

We’ve also redesigned the sidebar for easier navigation. We want your feedback on this. We see tutorials as a major part of the site, and we want them to get bigger and better every day.

General improvements and fixes
We’ve improved the way Gamefroot saves games, added internet connection checks to our API to reduce those pesky “Aw, snap” messages, and we’ve started working on better touch / mobile device support.

In conclusion

Thanks for choosing Gamefroot – we hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned for our next major release. We’ve got Undo/Redo, and Guest Login on the cards. If there is something else you really want to see added to Gamefroot just let us know in the comments below.

» So you want to make a game? Let’s go!!!

Testing 1, 2, 3.0

We are days away from launching a new, more robust and feature rich version of Gamefroot.

Before we release Gamefroot 3.0 into the wilderness we want to give you, our beloved users, an opportunity to take a look and report any issues.

We’ve worked hard on this release and, while we are 99% confident there are no issues that could affect your game, we want your feedback first!

This is your chance to let us know what you think before we push the button.

Testers beyond this point

To begin testing the new Gamefroot:

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Makey Makey: The Tutorial

We’ve had great fun playing with the Makey Makey game controller, so now we’ve written a tutorial so that you can do the same.


Go to, create a new game, and click on Resources in the menu bar. Scroll down to the Makey Makey tutorial and follow the steps.


Let us know what you can create!

Using Makey Makey® with Gamefroot


Makey Makey® is a circuit board that allows you to turn anything into a keyboard. It plugs into your computer and can be safely hooked up to all kinds of things to create interesting and creative ways to interact with your computer. Perfect for making your own game controllers!

Using some aluminium foil and a paper template I printed out, I was able to make a basic game controller!

20161021_142536 20161021_142543 20161021_143316

I really liked the simplicity behind this scratch game, so I tried to make something similar with Gamefroot. Here’s what I came up with: (Click the image to play)



You can use the left, down, and right arrow keys to control where to whack.


Originally I had it so you would use the foil-wrapped stick to hit the foil squares that would activate the keys…


… but then I realized I could hold the foil stick and directly tap the foil tabs with my hand to complete the circuit! Tap-a-duck!



Here’s the A4 template you can print out.


Play Whack-A-Duck now! And don’t forget to remix the game to find out how it was built.


Hey Frooters, let’s jump right in.

Mahuki, the innovation hub powered by Te Papa, has been our home for the last two months and we are loving it!

Don’t know what Mahuki is? In short, it’s a four to six month, in-residence accelerator programme situated in back of house, Te Papa.

In long, it is a space in which entrepreneurs are connected with members of the cultural, or GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums), in order to provide solutions to challenges faced by the industry globally. There are ten teams included in the programme who all offer differing digital, technological, and innovative projects of which are all focused towards the future experiences and transformations needed by the cultural sector.

This is where we come in.

Our project and team were selected to participate in this content-rich programme in which we have been absorbing knowledge, networks, and experience, all in the aims of Gamefroot becoming a more viable, valuable, contributor of the cultural space.

We’re two months into the programme, and want to share the rest of this journey with you. Keep up with our blog, make games, and follow us on Facebook.

New Resource: Making Cents

Hi Gamefrooters! We’ve just released more Educational Resources, and today we’ll highlight this tutorial: Making Cents. In this resource you will learn how to build a clicker game that earns money and converts smaller units of currency into larger ones. The tutorial covers variables, sending and receiving message events, some basic maths, and more. You can even upload your own images of money to personalize your game.




To check it out, go to and open the Resources sidebar. Then scroll down to find the ‘Making Cents’ resource and click on it to open it.


Have fun! Stay tuned for more educational resources.

-The Gamefroot Team

New Tutorial Resources

Hi Gamefrooters! We’re about to release more Educational Resources, which will make subscribing to Gamefroot EDU even more attractive. Make sure to check it out if you’re a teacher, a student, or just interested in learning.


Until then, check out this quick tutorial that will teach you How to use the mouse to control game objects. This tutorial will allow you to detect when the mouse is clicked to trigger actions, and use the position of the mouse to move things. This tutorial builds on concepts learned in Setting an object’s position and Using variables.


Apologies for Gamefroot downtime over the past 72 hours

Hi Gamefrooters,

Gamefroot should now be working for everyone again! Unfortunately over the past 72 hours we’d experienced a compatibility issue with a recent update to Google’s hosting services. This created a bug that had been preventing saving and loading some games, but we’ve since corrected the problem, so Gamefroot is now back up and running 100%.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you continue to have any issues, please let us know, otherwise you can get back to creating awesome games.

– The Gamefroot Team


Learn math by making games!

Gamefroot now makes learning even easier with our brand new resources sidebar. After seeing the success of the widely influential Hour of Code and Kahn Academy styled learning areas, we’ve begun stocking our own sidebar full of easy to use learning resources.


By leading students through a set of steps covering both theory and practical application, these resources enable learners to create useful and fun game mechanics with a focus on core learning outcomes.

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