About Gamefroot

“Gamefroot is the website where anybody can make, play and share games for the iPhone and web.

Our online game creation software is

Games for the social network

  • Gamefroot is perfect for anybody that wants to make a game!!!

Games for eLearning

  • Gamefroot is perfect for teachers that want to teach programming.
  • Gamefroot is perfect for teachers that want to create e-learning games for their students.

Games for business

  • Address new markets – Gamefroot is perfect for agencies and corporates that want to create games to promote brands that can be shared via the social networks – opportunity to make better more fun games and make more profit.
  • Deliver on-the-job training
  • Kick-start loyalty and reward programmes
  • Promote new products
  • Support candidate selection and recruitment
Gamefroot for Revenue
  • Gamefroot allows people to submit their game to the Apple iPhone Appstore on a revenue share basis

Gamefroot for Investors

  • Gamefroot is more then just a game. It represents the ability for anybody anywhere in the world to make a game and share it with their friends – it represents the potential for millions of games.