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Ready to up your game? Pro and Educational users benefit from these amazing Power-Ups

  • Classroom Management

    Provides a group environment where student / teacher teams can develop and work on all of their games together in one place

  • Priority Support

    Need some help with making, playing or launching your Gamefroot game? No problemo our games industry experts and educators are happy to help.

  • Hour of Code style Courses

    Users have access to a range of kickbutt Hour of Code stlye courses that make learning awesome!

  • Disable Remixing - Coming Soon

    Pro users can add copy protection to their games to stop other Gamefroot members from copying their games.

  • Publish to AppStore - Coming Soon

    Pro users can monetise their games by publishing content to the AppStore, Google Play and many other mobile markets.

  • Pocket Money 2.0 - Coming Soon

    Game developers can earn money by selling assets and artwork in our marketplace.

Want to up your game? Just click the Let's Go button below to open the Gamefroot level editor. Once you have logged in to Gamefroot, click the red upgrade button in the navigation bar and follow the instructions.

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Games for Learning

Gamefroot is passionate about the ability of games creation and making to radically improve learning outcomes.

Gamefroot is an easy to use platform to develop, test and publish games. Online Courses are designed to be efficient, comprehensive and straight forward enough to be used by young people, schools, teachers, museums and learning spaces anywhere!